‘Warp Resonance’ – another great read for SF/F fans

My friend Cedar Sanderson is a pretty amazing person, IMHO.  She’s come out of a very dark situation, hauling herself up by her bootstraps, so to speak, and is rebuilding her life, studying for a degree, and raising her kids as best she can.  I had the privilege of assisting with her wedding at Libertycon last year.

Cedar is also a writer with her own particular perspective on fantasy, place and perspective.  I was privileged to write the Foreword for her latest collection of stories, and said in it:

There is occasionally – all too rarely – a moment that comes when reading something new, a sort of mental frisson, when one realizes that one’s reading something special. This isn’t just another run-of-the-mill book or story, but something that is reaching out of the page and grabbing one by the throat and dragging one into its world and storyline, absorbing, entertaining, sometimes even enthralling. That’s what happened to me the first time I read Cedar Sanderson’s work. It was her novel, “Vulcan’s Kittens”, and I’ve never looked back from there. She’s one of the few authors whose work I’ll buy sight unseen, knowing that it’ll intrigue and challenge me and make me think.

Cedar’s latest book, ‘Warp Resonance‘ has just come out.

I highly recommend it to those who like to be challenged by space opera.  Cedar has woven some of the darker experiences of life into a science fiction universe which focuses on character rather than technology.  The technology is there, all right, but human beings have been pretty much the same for generations, centuries, even millennia;  and I’m willing to bet they’ll be much the same in space, a few centuries and millennia from now. Civilization and political correctness are only skin deep.

Cedar puts the dilemmas of life, its moral and ethical complications, into very readable form.  ‘Warp Resonance’ is free to members of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription lending service, and only $2.99 if you want to buy the e-book.  Highly recommended.



  1. Cedar's one of the nicest people I've sort of met. She's better with words, ink, and paint than I will ever be. I'll add this to my stack.

  2. Found Cedar Sanderson and her work by accident (Pixie Noir trilogy on offer on Kindle), and I find myself now looking for her other work so this is good news. Thank you for the heads up!

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