Well done, good and faithful servant

Sad news tonight from Brigid, whose beautiful black Labrador retriever Barkley shuffled off this mortal coil today.  He was more like a child to her than a pet in many ways, absolutely ‘one of the family’.  Miss D. and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with him during our trips to see Brigid and other friends in that part of the world (even if he did steal the underwear out of our suitcases at every conceivable opportunity, and defy us to chase him to get it back).

Very sorry to hear of your loss, Brigid.  I hope you and Barkley will be reunited one day at whatever waits for us on the other side of the river.  (If so, you’ll probably find he took with him one of your slippers and a couple of pieces of underwear, to have them waiting for you!)



  1. Sad news, indeed. I never met him, but having had a few Labs in my life, and with her vivid descriptions of him, I felt like I did know him.

  2. It's been a bad year for blog dogs – Brigid losing Barkley, Lileks losing Jasper, and Pournelle losing Sable. And it's not even March yet.

  3. Been reading Brigid since Kim DeToit told me about a new blogger and suggested that his audience should read her. The news that Barkley passed over to the rainbow bridge, hit me hard. Couldn't post on Brigid's blog my google account is all messed up. But what does one say, I am a pilot and I have had dogs. Some day I to will pass over and meet all of my family and animal friends on the rainbow bridge.

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