Well, the house is ours . . .

. . . now for the fun of getting it ready to move into!

We signed our lives away several times over at the closing this morning, and handed over a big chunk of our savings as a deposit, then walked away with the keys.  There’s a lot of hard work ahead.  We meet with a contractor tomorrow morning to discuss a few modifications we want to make;  some may be done right away, some may have to wait until we have more savings.  (Not all contractors take credit cards.)  We’re in the process of measuring for and selecting laminate flooring, which will have to be laid before we move in at the end of the month.  We’ve identified all the shades of paint in the house, and will repaint the master bathroom and one wall in the kitchen, again before moving in.  Tomorrow we’ll also be buying replacement locks and deadbolts, plus another remote door opener for the garage, and re-programming both remotes.

We’ll have to have all the preliminaries completed by the weekend, when we head back to Nashville.  Old NFO, Lawdog and Phlegmmy will supervise getting everything done before we come back.  Isn’t it great to have reliable, trustworthy, willing, easily manipulated friends?



  1. Congratulations. Now you can become a proper Texan, which in my not so humble (being a former Tennesseean and adopted Texan) opinion is fantastic 😉 The best is yet to be.

  2. Welcome to your new home! What a wonderful way to begin 2016! It can be a headache at times, but there is nothing like home ownership. I am so happy for you.

  3. One of the many tough choices is figuring out what to do now, 'cause neither money nor time is infinite, so that the maximum benefit is gained down the road.

    Our choices on the exterior to move away from finishes/products that have to be painted or preserved have reaped huge gains in time and money not spent.

    Vinyl windows and siding, aluminum flashing and capping, and replacing the iron porch roof supports with aluminum leap to mind. And covering the varnished bead board soffit with, yep, vinyl.

    And regular maintenance on things like concrete drives and walks!

    We finally got around to putting in a frost free hose bib, it only took about thirty years to move it to the top of the list. (a couple of years having it hanging from the shut off valve inside to remind us. (smile)

    Although the amount of stuff is still a problem. (by the way did you know that Amazon will deliver a largish plastic shed with shipping included?)

    Best of luck.

  4. Congrats! Prioritize plumbing and electrical. The pretty stuff can wait even if the missus grumbles. (Trust me, lack of running water will make her even nastier)

  5. Congratulations! There's probably no better sign of optimism than buying a house and taking on a mortgage. It means you think your future and the world's future are both smooth enough that you'll make those payments and live there until you decide not to.

    Although I've been in this house 31 years, I still remember sitting around the table and signing all those papers. I'm sure there are more to sign now.

  6. Do the cases of beer (for Mr. Lawdog and co.) outweigh the cases of ammo and books? 😉

    I'd offer to come down and help but there's this job thing . . .


  7. Yes, welcome to Texas. What city are you in ? I can let you know about some interesting shooting in Central TX.

  8. Welcome to the Republic! We are always glad to have one more warrior in the fight.

    If you were in the Hill Country of south Texas, I could tell you places to eat, shoot, and visit. Well, there's plenty of time for that.

    In the Spring, make sure you get Demon to spray around the outside of the house and out buildings. It keeps the creepy crawlers out.

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