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The Adaptive Curmudgeon has a few choice words about COVID-19, National Public Radio, and the denizens who frequent it.

I had the radio on. I’d tuned to a talk show which I was ignoring.

. . .

“A risk you take…” The radio was saying.

My curiosity was piqued. What interesting radio topic had matched my inner thoughts?

“They crawl all over you so it’s hard to stop… but it’s still a hazard to be cognizant of…”

What hazard crawls all over you? They had my full attention now.

“Your cat can get Covid from you so…”

What. The. ****!

It was NPR. G-ddammit! America’s ever-present, continuously preaching, massively woke, propaganda distribution system never sleeps.

Some unaccomplished retread was interviewing a ****ess wonder. The topic was ‘how to make sure your housecat is safe from Covid’. That’s the ‘hazard’ they were talking about. I listened a bit more just in case it was satire. Does Babylon Bee do radio?

It wasn’t satire. They were serious, or at least as serious as something that unserious can be. Does a cat owner’s vaccine protect the cat during risky behavior, like letting fluffy sit on your lap?

It’s a ****ing cat. It ****s in a box! It’ll eat a raw mouse. Cats lick their own ***** until we cut their ***** off to keep them from making more useless damn cats.

Yet, this was a “hazard”. This was “risk”. NPR’s limp, ineffectual, soyboy losers were evaluating the “physical dangers” of petting a housecat! In a world where desperate people fall off airplanes trying to flee Afghanistan, NPR used its vast network of antenna for a call-in show about how Covid might make a cat sick or the cat might inexplicably give it back to you. These people walk among us.

Can there be anything more pathetic? Some of us crash through the forest in a chaotic symphony of fear and exhilaration. Others, fear to pet a cat.

Anyone who’s so afraid of illness that they worry the cat will die… they’re completely irrelevant. Consulting their opinion is like taking advice from a houseplant. What does it know about being human? What has it done? Where has it gone? What wisdom has its unfulfilled life of photosynthesis taught it that we, the people who actually live, can use?

America is best when we ignore cessile, inert, semi-sentient, weaklings. Without the spark of life that makes the world so wonderful, they crawl up their own *** and weep while clutching cell phones. They may not know it, but they’re dead already. They’re not at the boisterous bar I just left. They’re not on the dusty mountainside where I spent a delightful afternoon. They’re not pissing in the grass under a full moon. They’re just… nothing. Being so deeply deeply deeply risk averse they’ve taken the glorious gift of life and turned it into a mockery. A lifestyle of waiting for the clock to run out.

The biggest tragedy in modern society is when we equate people who do with those that talk. Gutless losers don’t belong at the adult table with the rest of us. Don’t ask their opinion about anything. Give ‘em a juice box and a pat on the head. Then send ‘em back to their padded collegiate playpen where they can live out their days amassing debt and wallowing in fear.

There’s more at the link.

Isn’t it nice to find an island of sanity in the COVID-19 hysteria bombarding us from all sides?  Fortunately, there are many of them out there, if one looks.  (I hope this blog is among them, for most of you.)

As for cats and COVID, Miss D. and I have already had at least two bouts with the disease.  So far, the only reaction of our cats has been pleasure at being able to snuggle up in bed with us, and displeasure that we no longer hurry as quickly to do their bidding where milk, tuna and other pleasures (including cleaning the cat box) are concerned.  “Hey!  You!  Slow human!  Get over it, already!  We’re hungry!”



  1. Yeah, who listens to NPR or PBS anymore?

    National Proletariat Radio…

    And what that is is yet another side attack at pet ownership from the people who brought us PETA and tree spikers and 'organic' food (like there's inorganic food? No? All food is organic? So are lots of poisons? And poissons? (never get into an 'organic' argument with someone who likes 'organic chemistry.'))

    What's next, shooting all the stray animals to protect us from Covid? Wait, Australia's already doing that (shooting a shelter's worth of dogs so people wouldn't travel to the shelter and rescue said dogs. No, really, the country made by Criminals has turned into a criminal state..

  2. I can't stand NPR, and I keep getting annoyed when people claim it is unbiased and fair…

    The further I am from urban idiots, the better! I have always avoided cities as much as possible; now I do it even more. I currently live 200 miles from any city over 25,000…

  3. I listen to the local NPR station regularly. Why? The music. None of the local stations are worth a hang, either modern pop, imitation country, or the same oldies over and over. On the NPR I get classical, jazz, folk, and blues. Of course when the "news" comes on, I shut it off. I have no desire fight the urge to shoot my radio.

  4. Evidently deer get the china flu too or at least they have the antibodies. I also read that the tests can't tell the difference between the regular flu or the china flu. I'm calling BS on the whole thing.

  5. If I get this right the biggest danger of Covid spread is Karens, I mean cat ladies, who get Covid from their cats?
    Meooow! We need a cat vax! That'll be an even bigger money maker than DOGE coin.

  6. So… there are feline coronavirus. There's actually some data indicating that not only can cats and humans pass coronavirus back and forth, exposure to feline coronavirus can confer some immunity in humans to Covid 19. So far as I'm aware, cat's can't get Covid, although mink can (and that's why they killed millions of them in Europe).

  7. Love my self cleaning Littermaid litter box. Empty the tray once a week or so.

    Of course both cats are dead but correlation is not causation. They had kidney disease cause that's what Himalayan Persians do. I miss them, the litter box sits there forlornly just in case I find another kitty.

  8. Which reminds me …. it's been a while since we've had cat photos. They may have grown a little since the last time.

  9. If you want classical music without any politics stream the broadcast at KUSC.org. They broadcast from USC but it is 100% classical, no new reports at all and very non-political. The playlists today are a mix of well-known names and now new composers like Florence Price. They also broadcast concerts by the LA Phil and Pacific Symphony Orchestra among others.

  10. In purple Houston we get a couple of NPR stations and, to answer the question above, YES, it can get worse.

    We also have Pacifica radio. It's far left of NPR.

    I listen to both while driving around town, if I'm in a particular mood. It's worth it occasionally as OPFOR research. Keeps me from falling asleep while driving– the screaming at the radio that is.


  11. Interesting, and fun, as usual. You may not know the answer to this question, but did Curmudgeon mean to say cessile or sessile? Either/ both work but really mean opposite, sort of.

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