Well, what did they expect???

I’m still laughing at this report.

A 91-year-old woman has been questioned by police in Germany — after she filled in the blanks in a piece of modern art based on a crossword puzzle.

The pensioner, who has not been named under German privacy law, was questioned under caution after she filled in the work valued at €80,000 (£67,000) with a biro.

“Reading-work-piece”, a 1977 work by Arthur Köpcke of the Fluxus movement, essentially looks like an empty crossword puzzle.

Next to the work is a sign which reads: “Insert words”.

The hapless pensioner explained to police that she was simply following the instructions.

. . .

The museum said that in future it would alter the label for the work to make it clear visitors were not permitted to fill in the blanks.

There’s more at the link.

Fortunately, the alleged ‘work of art’ can be easily and cheaply restored, and the museum’s said it’ll carry the cost.  Still, what did they expect?  If I saw a sign like that next to a blank crossword puzzle, I’d probably have done the same thing!



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