What made them think this was a good idea?

Over at Daily Timewaster, I came across this video of two BASE jumpers in wingsuits entering the passenger compartment of a Pilatus PC-6 Porterin mid-air!

They seem to have enjoyed it, but I couldn’t help shuddering at the thought of what would have happened if one of them had run into the propeller, instead of the entrance.  Sliced base-jumper?  Shredded chutist?  Either way, it would have been messy . . .

There’s also the question of what might have happened if anything had gone wrong – a sudden wind swirl (not uncommon in the mountains), a problem with the aircraft (particularly a jumper hitting a vital control surface), or whatever.  I think this was a very dangerous stunt from many perspectives.



  1. Wingsuit nuts do use parachutes for landing, like the jetwing maniacs, although the latter are said to be working on a way to land more or less normally. Years ago I stumbled across video of skydivers getting back into a diving plane, but the quality was so poor that this was the best interpretation.

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