When spectators become a hazard

From time to time I’ve posted various video clips of rally drivers nearly hitting spectators. Here’s one of a motorcycle cross-country event where the rider didn’t miss!

Those spectators were certainly asking for it. My sympathies are with the rider!



  1. It looked more like biker was free wheeling in a field. No other racers or spectators to be seen.

    The girls were out walking the dog and don't hear the bike.

    I would give two dumbass awards on this.


  2. Gerry – I'd say the presence of two permanent ramps built into the trail would suggest that the trail was regularly used by motocross riders. Which would mean that the girls had no business walking their dog on the motocross trail.

  3. Probably the same excuse that people give at our local archery club. We have signs posted all over the place, that it is dangerous to hike in the area, Yet they still come walking through. We have been in the middle of a shoot and folks will come out behind the target. Even after explaining to them just how dangerous it is, most times they blithly ignore our warning. Ya just can't fix stupid ! Darwin was totally correct….

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