The world’s most frenetic car chase?

Courtesy of The Feral Irishman, who embedded the video in his own blog, I came across what Jalopnik calls ‘The Biggest Movie Car Chase Ever‘.

What happens when you seamlessly cut and splice together chase scenes from 14 of the biggest big budget action flicks — including The Rock, The Matrix Reloaded, Transformers, and Bad Boys II? You get this absolutely amazing eleven-and-a-half-minute short film called Chasing Trinity: Part 2. It’s the biggest, baddest, most Michael Baygasmic car chase… in the world. Ever.

There’s more at the link.

I’ve no idea where Part 1 is, or even if it exists, but the creator of Part 2, YouTube user blueyoda2, describes it like this:

The story thus far: Will Smith is chasing Trinity after she tries an escape with the secret documents. Sean Connery is not far behind and Nicolas Cage tries to keep up, but Matt Damon intervenes. A huge meta car chase ensues.

Brace yourselves – here it is! I recommend watching it in full-screen mode, if possible.

The 14 movies are identified at about 11m. 25s. into the video. I’d love to know the total value of all the cars that were damaged or destroyed in that compilation . . .



  1. I was transfixed, from start to finish. My only regret is that they left out the two greatest car chases of all time: Bullitt and The Blues Brothers.

  2. Yes, but! Blues Brothers, Largest SINGLE car chase eva! All in one chase with Army, Natl Guard, Chicago PD, Il State troopers, Rednecks, Transit Authority, Fire Dept, you name it, they had it.

  3. It was great right up until Firefox… then it was AWESOME.

    They said this was part 2, and to be continued. I figure there's plenty of time for the Bluesmobile to run through the mall.

  4. That was just hysterical. I nearly fell out of my seat at the "Speed" vs. "Transformers" spoof…then did fall out, LMAOing, when Willis hijacked the semi from Robert "T-1000" Patrick – with Patrick futilely chasing after Willis on foot! – and then started taking fire from Eastwood in the Firefox.

    I've cross-posted this over at the Ruger Forum, with links back to BRM and the original YouTube video.

    –Wes S.

  5. This was great, but I think the best car chase ever is still the climax of the original THE ITALIAN JOB.

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