World’s most mollycoddled prisoners?

I was astonished to read on Ferfal’s blog that prisoners in Argentina are actually paid a salary by the state – one much higher than the national (state) pension.

Prisoners in Argentina get paid 46% more than the minimum payment received by retirees and pensioners. If you worked your entire life, chances are you’ll end up getting about $3.821,33 in Argentina once you retire. On the other hand, if you’re a murderer or serial rapist, you’ll make $6.060 and you’ll even get covered by the prisoner’s own Union (Workers Deprived of Mobile Freedom). No, none of this is a joke, just the sad reality. The nice part is that prisoners don’t even have to actually work to get paid, just being a prisoner entitles you to this, making becoming a criminal a great career choice for many. This is all part of the Kirchner government plan to incorporate criminals to their movement, with the Kirchner inmate political branch being called “Vatayón Militante” (misspelled Spanish for Militant Batallon). Not making any of this up, just the sad reality of a fully collapsed country.

There’s more at the link.

I know Norway (and some other ‘enlightened’ countries) put many of their prisoners into so-called ‘country club’ establishments, including maximum-security institutions such as the well-known Halden Prison.  However, even Norway doesn’t pay them more than it does its pensioners!

Verily, the mind doth boggle . . .



  1. No one said politicians don't take care of their own and try to cover all contingencies when looking towards their own retirement.

  2. Americans and Canadians may be confused by the Euro-style reversal of the decimal and comma, in the way the currency is written. That value is actually $3,821.33.

    Bart Noir

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