Yet another (fatal) reminder not to pick up hitchhikers

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve warned people not to pick up hitchhikers, due to the danger of crime.  An Oklahoma woman has just found out the hard way how great a danger that is – but she’ll never learn from the experience.

Caylee Massey and a man were traveling overnight from Oklahoma City about 90 miles across state to Canton when they reportedly picked up a man looking for a ride, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.

The man hitched a ride with pair in Oklahoma City and about two miles east of Canton, he fatally shot Massey, who was also a passenger in the car, before fleeing, police said.

The driver rushed to the Canton Police Department to get help, but it was too late and Massey could not be saved.

There’s more at the link.

Given the number of mentally unstable people, drug addicts, and just plain criminals out there, why on earth would anyone in their right minds subject themselves and their loved ones to that sort of risk by giving a ride to a complete stranger?  I can understand being a ‘good Samaritan’ under certain circumstances, but then, I’d be armed.  In most cases, there’s just no way.



  1. I did some hitchhiking when I in the Army. I used to pick up hitchhikers in the early 70s. One dude wanted me to take him to the bus station which I did. He then asked for money to use the pay phone and wanted to leave his bag in my car. I was supposed to wait on him. As soon as he went in the bus station I grabbed his bag and put it on the ground, cranked up and left. Times have changed.
    Now days when I an traveling by auto I am traveling alone and with cash money. Also armed. No hitchhikers allowed.

  2. Sorry, probably a newbie question, but… how deployable is a gun to defend against an attack, while driving, from someone already in the car?

    Thank you. Take care

  3. I imagine that the most defensible position is to be armed with a firearm and be sitting behind the passenger in question. As a driver defending yourself against a front seat passenger, you probably have a chance if you have the gun in a shoulder holster on the passenger side and are proficient with using the hand you'll have to draw with; unfortunately you'd be at the mercy of them striking first and if they have a gun you're basically screwed. If they're sitting behind you, you're also basically screwed.

    This is all conjecture though; anyone have experience or training in such things?

  4. These were my thoughts exactly. Seems like the only real "safe" way to pick up a hitch-hiker would be to make them drive and sit directly behind them with your firearm very accessible. And I am most definitely not going to put them behind the wheel of my vehicle. So sorry hitch-hiker, you're SOL if I drive by.

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