1. So….
    Does he even know how tall his load is?
    Just looking at that pic is kind of deceptive, but if it's over 13'6"…he could be running into problems under bridges.

    ..Says a CDL driver that writes how tall his oversized load is on his windshield.

  2. Common in many countries. I was continually amazed at how high a Shinjin pickup truck could be piled with radishes during the Korean daikon harvest season.


  3. Judging by the items on top, it might to be one of those inflatable kid's party "houses". That, or something like the playhouse that some MickyD's have.

  4. A "police magnet" in all respects.
    And the occupants are black, no less. In this society's racist climate.
    The load imbalance and its effect on vehicle safety and performance aren't the only "disasters waiting to happen".
    …and: low overpasses as well.

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