A belated April Fool chuckle for shooters

I know it’s four days after April Fools Day, but this contribution by SilencerCo made me laugh.  It riffs on Gandalf in the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ movies.  I particularly liked their description:

Whether you are a Diviner of Decibel or a Sorcerer of Sound, the Wizard Staff was created for you. From acromantula hunting to divination, the Wizard Staff will ensure soundless success.

The Wizard Staff has a unique CTA baffle stack consisting of 44 polished Mithril baffles designed for an infinite dB reduction of sound. The 36 inches of soundless magic is easily disassembled by even the most novice necromancer to provide full user serviceability. The ageless construction of rare and exotic materials makes the Wizard Staff indestructible. The eternal warranty ensures the Wizard Staff will last as long as any immortal being wielding this impressive firearm silencer.

Here’s the video.



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  1. Our wizard better learn to keep his Digit of Nasal Extraction off the Lever of Boomus Maximus before he puts a hole in Little Gandalf.

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