Your feel-good moment of the day

  I had to smile at this utterly sweet video of a vision-impaired baby being fitted with corrective lenses, and seeing his mother and father clearly for the very first time.  Click the image below to be taken to the video clip on Twitter. Too cute for words!  It’s nice to come across something happy… Continue reading Your feel-good moment of the day

An unusual animal rescue tale

  I had to boggle a bit at this news report. “Peo” and “Finn,” two shepherd pups, got themselves into an awkward situation on June 19 after their exploring took them deep into a tortoise burrow. The 100-pound tortoise is named Oscar, and owner Kathleen became concerned when she realized her two dogs were underground,… Continue reading An unusual animal rescue tale

So cute it’ll give you toothache – but funny, too

  Via Reddit, here’s a video that’ll make you smile, if not laugh out loud.  From the blurb: During a Taekwondo demo in Puerto Rico, Llaumigely a 3-year-old girl has to break a fine board with her foot. But the little girl does not understand what she has to do… She has a unique way… Continue reading So cute it’ll give you toothache – but funny, too

Well… it’s different!

  I had to laugh at an odd-looking Halloween party product (link goes to that somebody mentioned on MeWe the other day. Yes, it’s soft drinks of some kind packaged in intravenous infusion containers – or, as the manufacturer calls them, “blood bags”.  I understand they’re supplied empty, and you fill them with whatever you… Continue reading Well… it’s different!

A week later, I’m still laughing

  Back on September 4th, C. S. P. Schofield at Daily Timewaster put up this GIF image of a playful kitten.  If anything embodies naughtiness on four legs, it’s this critter! Miss D. and I can’t stop giggling at it.  It’s quintessential kitten behavior:  “I’m going to be naughty – now chase me and try… Continue reading A week later, I’m still laughing