Well… it’s different!


I had to laugh at an odd-looking Halloween party product (link goes to Amazon.com) that somebody mentioned on MeWe the other day.

Yes, it’s soft drinks of some kind packaged in intravenous infusion containers – or, as the manufacturer calls them, “blood bags”.  I understand they’re supplied empty, and you fill them with whatever you wish (which gives you plenty of latitude for mischief with adults – not so much with kids, though).

The advertising blurb was clearly written by someone who’s not a native English speaker.  As evidence:  “send this to people you love, like friends, classmates, family and so on, making them experience a sense of joy and delight”.  Joy and delight???  For a reminder of your last ER visit???

Actually, I think kids would love these as a Halloween trick-or-treat prop, to wheel from house to house on IV stands, trailing IV tubes (to their mouths, of course!) and trying to look as bloodstained as possible.  Of course, it would end up with their parents doing the pushing of the stands, whilst trying to get the kids to stay close enough that they didn’t pull the tubes out or the bags off the stands every few seconds.

They might also be a lot of fun to take to hospital with you when you visit sick or injured friends.  If they already have a bag or two of saline solution, or whatever, plumbed into their arms, try adding a couple of bags of brightly-colored drinks in non-medical hues to the same stand, with artistically draped IV tubes leading down to their arms.  The next time the nurse checked on them, she might have a heart attack until she figures out she’s been had.  (Perhaps you should fill them with something to help her recover, so she won’t be too mad at your friend.  They can drink it together!)

I think these would also be great for a Rocky Horror Picture Show performance party.  Hmmm… I wonder how Old NFO would look with one of these hanging by his side and over his head, filled with puke green crème de menthe?  It would probably remind him of Navy partying days he’d rather forget!  On the other hand, if we sent pictures to his kids and grandkids, they’d never let him live it down…



  1. I went to a Halloween party back in the day that had these filled with red punch. I didn't drink at the time, but I was led to understand that there were spiked versions available. Lots of fun!

  2. I've always found the folks at the ER to be quite nice. But like the folks at the recompression chamber, prefer not to meet professionally.

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