Well, well, well… FBI agents identified from gay pride parade photographs?


As we mentioned earlier, there were an unknown, but large number of FBI agents operating under cover at last Saturday’s demonstration in Washington D.C.  This photograph of what are presumed to be some of them was later memed by Lawdog.

One of Michael Yon’s legion of supporters has apparently done his homework.  He found a photograph of very similar-looking people participating in what appears to be a gay pride parade, wearing FBI T-shirts.  This morning, the following appeared on Yon’s feed.

Found this on Twitter – idk but it’s kind of a coincidence.

Click the image for a much larger view, to see the lines connecting individuals in both photographs.

Not proof positive, as far as I’m concerned, but a very strong indicator.



  1. OT for this posting but you might like to know, from Vox blog a link to a story from Riverside, CA research into ways to have plants, your lettuce, spinach, etc, have mRNA spike as part of their genome. Vaxxed with your salad. Now, how could anything like this go sideways? Gets loose in the wild, animals eat the plants, pass on the vaxx, in 5 or 10 years or sooner, boom an Earth minus the humans. I almost wish now my near misses with mortality in Viet Nam had been successful.


  2. I want to see the line up when it comes from 4chan. The guys who started the deception that the "OK" hand sign is actually WP for White Power, found that canyon where the Monolith was, a flag pole by time of day and jet contrails in the background …

  3. Considering none of the test subjects in the animal trials of the covid vaccines survived, might the altered veggies also be fatal to non-human animals also?

  4. Kind of hard to distinguish fringe white supremacists from gay FBI agents, isn't it? You'd think they'd want to look different from each other.

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