Not your average service dog!


I’m still chuckling over this video from Double H Canine Training Academy.  They titled it “Epic Service Dog Training Failure”.  (A tip o’ the hat to IOTWReport for finding it first.)

Fail or not, he’s certainly enjoying himself!



  1. Some of the best dogs anyone could adopt are those that have to drop out of service dog training. We don't call them dropouts though, that would hurt their self esteem. They are called "Change of career dogs".
    This guy is just a fun loving pup though, and with a good trainer will outgrow the problem phase and likely become a well disciplined service dog.

  2. Go to the link on IOTWreport and watch the 2nd clip. Hard do believe it is the same dog!

    A good trainer can do amazing things with a smart dog like Ryker.

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