A close encounter of the whale kind

A kayaker in Monterey Bay had an unexpected and very close encounter with a humpback whale.  Her astonishment is very vocally expressed . . . not that I blame her!

Any closer and she’d have been washed out of the kayak!



  1. That whale knew exactly what it was doing, it saw them and just wanted a closer look. They are social animals and see nothing wrong with a close encounter.

  2. And COLD. IIRC, summer water temps are about 54*F in that Bay. Makes SCUBA diving "brisk".

    Whoa! Earthquake! Had to wait for it to stop, so I could finish typing. Twenty seconds of gentle rolling. Well, smooth, anyway. (San Jose/East Bay area)

  3. Never had a whale visit us when were kayaking out of Monterey, but the otters and the occasional dolphin would check us out.

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