A Democratic Tea Party?

On several previous occasions I’ve called for “a ‘Tea Party’ movement in the Democratic Party“.  Now a reader at Legal Insurrection asks, “Could 2014 be the year of the Tea Party Democrats?

As Legal Insurrection’s designated “Tea Party Democrat,” I would like to answer this: Yes and No.

Yes: Democrats are becoming as frustrated with their establishment leaders and failed policies as “Tea Party Republicans” have been with theirs.

. . .

Legal Insurrection readers now may be asking, “Then, Leslie, why do you also say NO?“

Because “Tea Party” has been so derided and mocked in the mainstream media and comedy shows . . . which is still the main source of news for the less politically engaged.

. . .

It is also not terribly helpful when conservative luminaries like Charles Krauthammer refer to Tea Partiers as the “Suicide Caucus” and Republicans name “top generals in the War Against Tea Party”.

. . .

As a Democrat, I offer this hopeful forecast related to my party for 2014: Democrats around the country will begin pushing back on government in their own way under a different label.

There’s more at the link.

I’m not sure of his analysis, but I am sure that we really need to rouse to action Americans who care about the rule of law and the constitution, fiscal discipline, and traditional American values.  It matters not whether they’re right or left of center, as long as they share a commitment to those core elements.  Neither the Tea Party nor the so-called ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats can change things on their own:  but working together . . . who knows?

This is long overdue.  I really hope something comes of it this year.



  1. Hey Peter,

    There will never be a democratic Tea Party, the Democrats are more monolithic than the GOP, which is splintered mostly into 2 groups, the establishment and the Tea party. The Democrats have group identity and group dynamics and the GOP is filled with individualist. I am perhaps making a blanket comment but the behavior of both parties tend to bear me out.

  2. I agree with the premise tat we need to work within the existing parties to fix the problems. That's where we've lost all the ground and it's the only way to fix the parties, R or D. It's also why I get so frustrated with the screamers who insist that we just quit and go form a brand new party that has zero representatives anywhere just as soon as they don't get their way the first time. That splintering is where we lose as the mainstream of both parties just smiles and goes on to have things all their way.

  3. I find the idea appealing. I'm a "Blue Dog" who has dropped out of the Democrat Party – or, have been driven out by the strident Progressives – take your pick.

    I will no longer be under the "big tent" as I am welcomed only if I sit in the back, keep my mouth shut, and my wallet open.

  4. I thought the Democrats already tried this and called their group the Coffee Party. I think it lasted all of three months.

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