A great freebie on the ‘Enemies trilogy’

I’m sure many readers are familiar with ‘Matt Bracken’ and his trilogy of dystopian novels.  I honestly didn’t enjoy them very much, but I read them all because I think they’re an important indicator of how part of our society is thinking, and describe a scenario which may come to pass in greater or lesser measure in at least some parts of our nation.  The growing ‘police state’ in the USA certainly makes that more rather than less likely.

Now comes the news that they’re going to be free downloads from Amazon’s Kindle store for a limited time only.  The first, ‘Enemies Foreign And Domestic‘, will be available free of charge for four days from Monday 14th October;  the second, ‘Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista‘, free for four days from Monday 21st October;  and the third, ‘Foreign Enemies And Traitors‘, free for four days from Monday 28th October.

If you haven’t yet read them, I think they’re important enough landmarks in the literature of resistance in America that it’ll be worth your while to download them.  I’m certainly going to pick up e-book versions to go with my paper editions.


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