1. It is like you are a leper when you go out in public or see someone in person. Unclean! I am not a fan.

    Has this "social distancing" made any measurable difference? Or is it theater?

  2. Smile – Libertyman – You don't understand being an introvert.

    Has it made any difference? I don't think so. Is it theater? It has allowed the media to whip the masses and TPTB into hysteria about something that, while deadly, like any virus, is not any more dangerous than the common ordinary flu. It has eroded our civil liberties even further.

    If you are in that portion of the population that catching something is going to, in all probability, kill you it just one more thing to look out for. Why shut down the whole country for a vulnerable 10 to 15% of the population? And just for the record I'm in that vulnerable population. I've thought all along the hysteria was stupid. What I want to know is, who profited by this? I suspect the usual bunch of crooks names will pop-up.

  3. Judy – WuFlu is more dangerous than influenza. It's not Ebola, but it's easily 4x more fatal than the typical influenza, and if you're over 70, it's a lot more dangerous than influenza.

    That being said, I still believe that the lockdown was an overreaction, and Sweden's policy of targeted quarantines of the elderly was and is a better approach.

    As for why, the answer is, as it has always been for the past 4 years, Orange Man Bad.

  4. I've been saying since January, only half in snark, that there are certain advantages to being an asocial recluse.

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