A potentially useful gadget for AR-15 owners

Reader J. M. sent me the link to an interesting product over the weekend.  It’s what the maker calls a “Redneck Rifle Hanger” for AR-15’s.  (All images courtesy of the manufacturer’s Web site.)

It looks simple enough, doesn’t it?  I daresay one could make something like it if one had a length of suitable steel wire, but the manufactured product will almost certainly be better made and finished.  It can be used to hang one’s rifle, ready for action, in a clothes closet or from any convenient hook, so that it’s unobtrusive, yet readily available when needed.

The maker shows that it can also be useful outside the home.  That’s not a bad idea – I’ve been in several situations where I wanted to keep my rifle out of the mud or dirt, but didn’t have anywhere else to lean it.  This might offer a solution to that dilemma. It wouldn’t be out of sight, of course, but it would keep the weapon clean and ready for use.  One might even be able to hang it inside a tent, if there was sufficient support to carry its weight.

I’ve been at some makeshift outdoor shooting ranges where there were no weapon racks. This looks like it might be a useful substitute.

That’s not a bad idea at all, IMHO.  I think I’m going to have to get hold of a few, for use at home and in our vehicles.  No, the maker isn’t paying or compensating me to mention the product – I just like to share useful ideas with my readers, so that we can all benefit.

I imagine that something similar could be made to fit other types of rifles, too.  It would simply require having a convenient point for the bottom “hook” to wrap around or attach.  Even a sling swivel might suffice.  I’ll have to look into that.



  1. Nice idea. I'd probably tape it with something non-scratchy, electrical tape or some such. Better if thy dipped it in a soft plastic, maybe?

  2. I believe it does have clear plastic tubing on the main contact areas. The mfgr's own video does have a lot of clinking noises when the rifle is put into the hanger. A couple of coats of plastic dip would be nice. Now I have a vision of ARs hanging from the attic ceiling like bats……..

  3. Taminator013, ya, I can get that diameter bar at home depot for way less and it doesn't take much to bend it into shape.

  4. Well, I must disagree, I think the likelihood of carrying that thing with you in the field is unlikely.
    I'll pass.

  5. I have visions of opening my closet to find sweaters and blouses to the left, skirts and slacks to the right, and rifles hanging in the middle, and now I not only need some of those hangers, I also need a couple AR-15s.

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