A real-life Crispi critter!

Seems alcohol and bacon make a dangerous combination.

A [Utah] woman faces arson charges after police say she drunkenly started a fire in her ex-boyfriend’s house …

. . .

When officers arrived, they saw smoke billowing out the front door. Apparently, [Cameo Adawn] Crispi had placed a pound of bacon on a lit burner. In the home, officers discovered hot coals on the floor around an open wood stove and the burned bacon.

Charging documents say Crispi’s blood-alcohol level was 0.346, four times the legal limit.

There’s more at the link.

They should charge her with wasting valuable bacon while they’re at it!



  1. From TFA: "… four times the legal limit."
    Wait… the legal limit for what? Does Utah have a BAC limit for cooking?
    Yeah, written by a professional journalist. Can't expect them to reflect on what their words mean. 'Cause that's just semantics.

  2. My brother once inspired a kitchen remodel by passing out drunk on the kitchen table while cooking bacon at 2 am. The firemen were tickled at my father's tirade.

    The kitchen did come out nice, though.

    Our childhood family dentist confessed to doing the same thing at his home. I submit that this happens more than is commonly believed.

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