A sad farewell to John Clarke

Regular readers will recall that on occasion, I’ve put up a comic interview from Australian comedians John Clarke and Bryan Dawe.  Dawe always played a TV interviewer, while the person being interviewed was played (masterfully) by John Clarke.

Sadly, Mr. Clarke died of a heart attack last weekend, while climbing Mount Abrupt in the Grampians in Australia.  He’d been in apparently good health up until then, so his death was a huge shock to many of his fans – even more so to Mr. Dawe, his partner in entertainment for decades.  He’s given an extended interview, telling of his reaction to Mr. Clarke’s death.  It’s sad, but compelling reading.

In memory of Mr. Clarke, here are three of his comedy sketches with Mr. Dawe.

Rest in peace, Mr. Clarke.  You’ll be missed by tens of thousands of grieving fans.



    1. Me too. Mr Clarke was the world's greatest deadpan satirical comedian and obviously people all over the world appreciated his genius, which I've been following for something like 30 years.

      As a fellow bushwalker and outdoorsman, I will say that if I had a choice, I'd rather drop dead surrounded by the magnificent Australian wilderness than go out in a hospital bed. Sad though that it was sudden with no chance for farewells.

      Bless him for all the grins he gave us.

  1. Thursday nights will never be the same again. Watching John Clarke and Brain Dawe was always a good way to wind up A Current Affair.

  2. If you ever get the chance, watch The Games – John and Brian's take on the bureaucracy behind the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Try and get the full 100m race discussion and the Scottish trapshooter. The whole series is brilliant.

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