1. Qualifications will be gender, color and liberal left philosophy. Maybe sexual orientation could play a factor. Certainly not judicial expertise.

  2. They're going to put Kamala on the Supreme Court, Replace her with Hillary as VP, and then Slo Joe will commit arkancide.

  3. Mikey is right. Breyer is resigning to pave the way for Kamala to move to SCOTUS so Hillary can be Veep and then he'll resign for health reasons finally overturning the 2016 election.

    Either that or make Stacey Abrams a Justice.

  4. Even Joe Turnip in Chief in his massive state of decrepitude is NOT stupid enough to select Hilary as VP, in addition Edith Wilson wannabe Jill Biden knows she'd be short a meal ticket pronto if that happened. Even an EdD can figure that out. If they put Kamala on the Supreme Court she and Sotamayor will be a case of the blind leading the blind, truly an embarrassment for the nation (not mind you things are good now).

  5. Joe really needs to nominate Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Someone needs to represent one of the most important Democrat voting blocs.

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