A very nice holster

Readers will recall that a few weeks ago, I lucked into a minty Smith & Wesson Model 625 Mountain Gun in .45 Colt.

It’s intended for use in the field rather than urban environments, so I wanted a holster that would be hard-wearing and protect the gun, as well as look good.  After quite a bit of research, I decided I’d heard enough good things about Simply Rugged Holsters and their Sourdough Pancake holster (with belt slots for both strong-side and cross-draw carry) that it was worth a try.  I placed an order for one to fit my Mountain Gun in oxblood leather, complete with a removable hammer strap (a very useful option for carrying a gun in the field), a Most Versatile Ammo Pouch and a Chesty Puller Conversion System, allowing the holster to be carried across one’s chest as well as on one’s belt.

The package arrived today, and I’m very pleased indeed.  See for yourself.

It fits the gun to perfection.

I’m very happy with Simply Rugged Holsters’ handiwork, and their prices are very reasonable considering the quality of their products, IMHO.  (No, they haven’t paid me anything to say that, or offered me any discounts or other incentives to publicize them. I simply appreciate good workmanship when I see it, and I mention it to my friends in case they might find it useful themselves.)



  1. There you go – nice ! I have a pair of Sourdoughs for my N frame and a Silver Dollar for my snub nose – all of them have been great. Love the versatility of cross / strong side draw options. I didn't feel the need for the retaining strap but that is what makes a horse race.

    That Chesty Puller option sounds interesting – I need to look at that option.

    Thanks for the post.

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