When bees attack

The Smithsonian Channel has released a video excerpt showing Africanized ‘killer bees’ attacking a film crew (which had carefully prepared itself for the onslaught).  Yahoo Tech reports:

First, the crew members prepare for the shoot by covering as much of their bodies as possible, for obvious reasons. They also put on very bright colored, protective suits because killer bees like to target dark parts of the body such as eyes, ears and the mouth, according to the video.

Once they disturb the hive, a swarm of bees immediately starts pouring out and attacking the crew. You can see the bees pounding the darker part of their suits, such as their masks, and even hear some of them make contact with the mask. The filmmakers also run a stick covered in black felt across the hive so you can see the angry bees pouncing on it. Try not to imagine any part of your body in place of the stick.

There’s more at the link.

Here’s the video.  Watch it in full-screen mode for maximum impact – particularly the slow-motion scenes at the end.

I’d rather not be there while they’re filming.  Just sayin’ . . .



  1. That is some heavy crap there.
    Those Bees are pissed.
    They were still gong after them when they were walking off, even with the smoke machine.
    No wonder no one wants them around for pollination.

  2. F&%CKING Immigrants. Ya I know they are only doing the jobs American Bees won't do (lazy union bees), But they really are never going to assimilate into our culture. It's a huge mistake letting them in here.

  3. Alas, they're already in the states. At least Kalifornia and Arizona. I understand they displace honey bees and are not good pollinators either.

  4. Does anyone else remember the great Killer Bee Panic of the 1970s? Maps showing the killer bees relentlessly moving north, taking over, killing all in their path?
    We were all going to be dead by 1981 as I recall, back in the 70s. The Killer Bees gave WWIII a good run for the thing most worrying worryers. Worryers gonna worry.

  5. African bees produce a different type of honey, and it's very good, but they look for specific blossoms that don't exist in the u.s. so theit production is lower. African bee stings suck.

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