Airliners with beaks???

I did a double-take when I found this image of a Nok Air Boeing 737 on Flight Global’s ‘Image Of The Day’ blog.  Click over there for a much larger version.

Apparently ‘Nok’ is the Thai word for ‘bird’, so the airline decided to paint its aircraft accordingly.  Intrigued, I did an Internet search.  Sure enough, its other aircraft – all in different colors – adopt a similar approach.

They’re certainly different from the average airline livery!  You’ll find many more pictures of Nok Air’s multi-colored aircraft here.



  1. I can't recall the airline, but one of them regularly does "cool" one-off liveries. They did one plane with the parts labeled, like "cockpit," "wing," etc. I was trying to find the airline, and discovered this cool article about Navy paint jobs from 2011:

    Plus this one that shows a really cool Concorde in Pepsi colors:

    Ah, it was Kulula Air, with their "Flying 101" livery.

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