An Indiegogo campaign that’s too funny

I laughed out loud when Miss D. drew this Indiegogo campaign to my attention.

Hello Mythos fans, Duck enthusiasts and Indiegogoers! Dthulhu is a high quality vinyl sculpture that will look great in your bathroom and be hours of fun in the tub!

I made this project because I had a dream about it and I wanted one! Since there was none available, I decided to design Dthulhu.

There’s much more at the link.  Here’s a promotional video for the campaign.

Yes, it’s a rubber duckie Cthulhu!  I can almost imagine H. P. Lovecraft spinning frantically in his grave . . .  I might just have to subscribe to this campaign, even if only to say “Thank you” for the giggles.  (No, they’re not compensating me for promoting it here.  I just laughed a lot while I was reading it, and figured my readers would too.)



  1. Only hours of fun? Not eons?
    It's just so wrong, I Gotta Have One. (Well, after I get my financial priories sorted out. No impulse purchases today.)

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