An interesting day’s house-hunting

Miss D. and I had a pleasant morning looking over four houses, two that we’d identified as potentially interesting from their Internet listings and two that our realtor had short-listed.  Two were not really what we wanted, one had potential but also had flaws . . . but the fourth was very nice indeed, so much so that we’ve made an offer on it.  We’ll be holding thumbs that the seller accepts the offer.  If so, we’ll be moving to Texas in three to four months’ time.

If this works out, we’ll be living within spitting distance of Old NFO, Lawdog and Phlegmmy.  With five folks like us living in the same area, things might be about to get interesting in these parts!  Furthermore, we’ll be much closer to a number of fellow authors who make Texas their home, and a lot closer to our annual Blogorado gathering (seven hours driving time instead of eighteen).

It’s going to be a bit nerve-wracking trying to finalize all the arrangements at long distance from Tennessee.  First, of course, the seller has to accept our offer, or come back with a counter-offer that we’re prepared to accept.  That done, we’ll have all sorts of i’s to dot and t’s to cross, and multiple pages of documents to send back and forth for signature.  After it’s all signed, sealed and delivered, there’ll be some flooring to put in and some painting to be done before we move in;  but that’s a minor concern at this point.  Let’s get the thing under contract, and take it from there.

Thanks to all of you who kept us in your prayers for traveling mercies.  So far, they’ve worked well, so please don’t stop!  We’ll be starting back tomorrow, hopefully getting home (our present home, at any rate) by late on Monday.  After that, it’s a hard two to three months finishing two books, throwing out a lot of excess baggage that I still have to sort through, and packing everything for the long haul south-westward.



  1. I am praying this works out. I've known Old NFO off blog, meeting as aviators years ago, for more years than I should admit online. I have also had the good fortune to spend time in person with Phlegmmy and Lawdog. Better people you could not have as neighbors.

  2. It's not fair. Everyone I love is moving to Texas. Why do you guys have to be so far away?

    Srsly, that's awesome news – I hope all continues to go well!

  3. Wish to heck the wife and I had bought the place in Texas that we looked at back in the '90's. It was located about 50 mile NE from Houston in the wooded(Woodville?) area with a house and pole barn on about 10 acres and backed up to a 3K acre timber farm. Kim DuToit had mentioned it on his old blog so we flew out there. Had the money, and coulda, shoulda…

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