An interesting look at the French Foreign Legion


I’ve had a certain amount of contact with the French Foreign Legion in Africa, in Chad and Djibouti during the 1980’s.  They struck me as very professional, very skilled.  South African military personnel who met them generally agreed they were a cut above our regulars, and we respected them.  I’ve read a number of books written by soldiers from their ranks.

I was therefore intrigued to come across this video about the Legion at Wirecutter’s place.  It’s over an hour long, and examines the process of recruitment, training and development that goes into making the Legionnaire what he is.  If the embedded video fails to play, you’ll find it here.

As with all effective military units, political correctness and modern touchy-feely attitudes have no place in the Legion.  It’s a fighting unit, and trains its people that way.  Combat veterans will understand, and approve.



  1. Very interesting. Almost makes me want to try their basic training regimen, though I'd be the first to crash out.

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