An organized terrorist threat from illegal aliens?


Trevor Loudon thinks that may not be far-fetched.

After leading open opposition to then-Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in 2002, former Venezuelan lieutenant in the National Guard Jose Antonio Colina Pulido fled to the U.S. in 2003 to seek political asylum. He has been living in exile in the U.S. ever since. He has provided information to a number of U.S. agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

According to Colina, current Venezuelan ruler Nicolas Maduro not only has been releasing convicted criminals from his prisons who’ve joined migrant caravans north to the U.S. but doing so specifically on the condition that they migrate north to cross into the U.S. Colina, who’s been posting on social media and in online videos, says that among this flow out of Venezuela are Venezuelan paramilitary groups who are not only penetrating the southwest U.S. border but coming in organized units, led by a unit commander.

Colina continues to obtain information from Venezuelan exiles, some among the migrant flows and some already in the U.S.  According to their information, once in the U.S., some of these Venezuelan paramilitary groups have been organizing into cell structures. Colina fears that Maduro may intend to sow chaos and conflict among the Venezuelan exile communities in the U.S. as well as destabilize the U.S. itself, as long as the southern border remains open.

When we combine this new information with the understanding that since at least 2005 when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was President of Iran and Hugo Chavez was President of Venezuela, the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Lebanese Shi’ite terror proxy Hizballah have established extensive networks in Venezuela, the possible implications of this new reporting become very troubling.

There’s more at the link.

We’ve known for years, thanks to isolated arrests on the border and intelligence gained from South American drug cartels, that individual terrorists and terror organizations have long smuggled their people into and out of the USA via our southern border.  That’s nothing new.  However, if this is now being organized by a nation-state, Venezuela, that may well amount to an act of war.  If so, what is the USA going to do about it?

This threat takes on an added dimension when you consider that, sooner or later, we’re going to have to get rid of all the illegal aliens the Biden administration has permitted to flood across our border with Mexico, almost unchecked.  We can’t afford to keep them here.  If the money is tight, those not entitled to it will have to be cut off.  If we do that, they’ll riot and turn to crime rather than go back home on their own;  so we’ll have to round them up and kick them out ourselves.  If those who sent them are now organizing armed, terrorist-type resistance groups, that’ll make the job much more difficult and far more dangerous, to ordinary civilians as well as to law enforcement and (if it comes to that) our armed forces.

One can only hope that the powers that be are doing something about this.  Sadly, given the corruption and fecklessness of the Biden administration, that’s probably a pipe-dream…



  1. One has to consider that the Democrats view crime and chaos as opportunities rather than problems. They know that open borders will bring in all kinds of what normal people would call undesirable elements, and they are fine with that. Remember Operation Fast & Furious? They were fine with sending illegal guns to Mexican cartels so long as it helped them advance their goals. They didn't care then about the deaths it would cause and they don't care now. Mayhem is their goal, because it gives them the opportunity to be the savior. All it will cost us is everything we have. They mimic the words of Lord Farquaad: "Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make."

  2. Also note reports and observations of the Amish yoots of Antifa and BLM arming up for the "peaceful response" to the possibility that the Progs will fail to steal the 2022 election hard enough to win.
    Pelousy has said that she expects the Progs to be able to steal this election as they did in 2020. I expect them to try, and I expect the RINOs to roll over and beg, as they have done since 2020.

  3. Great time to remind everyone that every time you eat at a restaurant where you don't know the kitchen staff, every time you hire a contractor and you don't know his helpers, or a house cleaner, roofer, landscaper, etc… you're very likely the reason why we have this problem. The illegals aren't stealing jobs. The employers trying to get one over on their peers by not paying taxes are the thieves.

    As Peter said, though, we've got a critical mass of illegals now. Even cracking down on citizens who are hiring illegals, which is the simplest and most humane starting point there is, won't get them back where they came from. There are too many. Finding a way to get them to WANT to go home is a good start.

    1. As our economy continues to crash and we enter the Great Depression 2.0, there will be less and less reason for them to stay if they are unable to find work.

  4. Illegals have been organizing terror since at least the beginning of the MS-13 gang. That's what, about 40 years?

  5. Hamsterman your mostly incorrect. The illegals mostly have been simply trying to get along doing the quiet work behind the scenes work as described by Paul Dammit. The dirty, low paying jobs you and I simply don't DO, or those jobs would have been filled.

    The Gangs are just the worst of the worst. Much like our homegrown totally white skinned black garbed Antifa, Burn Loot Murder and other "Mostly Peaceful Rioters" around here. Plenty of nasty human behavior from citizens and others.

    Home in South America is WORSE that being a hidden illegal in America so far.

    If things get SO BAD that they want to go home… Well, be careful what you wish for. It will be worse than you can imagine for you and yours also.

    A complex issue needing complex solutions.

  6. @Michael – This is a simple problem easily solved. Eisenhower solved it in his time with "Operation wetback."

    With the scores of millions of illegals gone, wages will rise, crime will decline, and young Americans will once again have starter jobs available to work at.

  7. Michael,

    Unlike most gangs (I think), the MS13 members who served time and then were deported then organized in El Salvador. A lot of their terror was among the immigrant population, as they had reach 'back home'.

  8. I agree Hamsterman but as I read your first comment it made it sound like most or all illegals were somehow involved in gang activity.

    MS13 is a nightmare. Almost as bad as an tactical stack of terrorists at your door.

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