And nuts to you too!

I just came across this video report (apparently dating from 2009) which shows a microwave antenna filled to the brim with acorns stored there by marauding woodpeckers.  Once you get past the first few still photographs, you’ll see a repairman extracting what looks like a waterfall of acorns!

I wonder how long the birds needed to fill up that antenna dish with acorns?  I imagine it must have taken longer than a single season – unless they were very busy little woodpeckers indeed!



  1. Even if those were bone dry, you're going to have hard time getting a microwave signal through that many acorns. I wonder how long it took for the signal to get weak enough for a crew to get sent out to fix the site?

  2. Why would woodpeckers have anything to do with acorns? They eat bugs and such. I'm thinking squirrels were the real culprit.


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