Anyone else having problems with the latest Firefox upgrade?

Yesterday I allowed Firefox to upgrade itself to the latest release (version 23.0.1).  Since then I’ve had lots of problems.  Wikipedia won’t search properly for new entries, trying to get to Picasa and other Google software is a nightmare of stalled redirection, and Firefox itself is very sluggish.  I’m thinking either the NSA screwed this one up by adding its own interception layer, or the new release is buggy as hell!

Anyone else having similar problems?  Any suggestions for a solution?



  1. Several different times I've tried to switch to Firefox as my main browser – every single time I find myself going away from it… It just doesn't seem to work the way I do and the things that irritate me outweigh my experience with other browsers…

  2. I'm not having those issues. This is Firefox 23.0.1.

    I've had it rescale pages differently by default, so that I need to up or down to make the text its previous "normal" size, but it seems to remember the pages individually.

    Picassa, Gmail and Blogger all work normally.


  3. I'm using Google Chrome after FireFox started hating me.

    But even Google takes time to put me down and off the internet for DAYS sometimes.

    That's when I retry Firefox, but they still don't like me.

  4. Using 21.0, and do not upgrade anything unless its absolutely positively necessary. I won't leave digitalville, it will leave me.

  5. I had various problems with it too, having an alternative to MS or Google products is nice, but sometimes Firefox drives me nuts.

  6. I had some problems, after some trial and error I discovered that turning off the hardware exceleration in Firefox's options fixed it. So I updated my graphics card's drivers, turned back on the hardware exceleration and that solved the whole problem.

  7. The last really good Firefox was 3 point something; since then, the bloat factor has quadrupled and the crash frequency has gone up commensurately.

  8. 23.0.1 here, working fine. No particular issues or problems I'm aware of (other than most elected pols are total crap-for-brains, but that's not a browser issue), but I'm not doing anything very spectacular, either. I'll pay attention, see if anything gets noticed.

  9. I'm on 23.0.1 and I've had two lock and fail episodes, both on image-heavy blogs. It also takes forever to load WordPress blogs, but that's the extent of problems. It's still faster than Safari.


  10. 23.0.1 here and other than having a few shockwave plugin crashes and "The Object has MOVED" notices nothing really bad here. However with my various add ons configured a special way might have something to do with that.

    Can you screen shot your add on extensions and post it or e-mail it to me? I might be able to help you figure it out.

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