Armageddon – or golf?

Those are pretty much the choices facing President Obama right now . . . and he seems to have chosen the second option.

The Middle East is melting down into a holocaust of mass murder, terrorism, sectarian strife and genocide.  It’s devastating to watch events unfold day by day – but President Obama isn’t watching them.  He’s playing golf, or swimming, or doing other laid-back things.  Has he lost his mind?

If a Republican president were behaving so irresponsibly, you can bet every cent you own that the US news media would be all over him like white on rice.  He’d be ridiculed, condemned and vilified for his lack of caring, lack of decisiveness, and personal responsibility for the whole mess.  In that light, the silence from US media about President Obama’s lack of action is positively deafening.

Armageddon‘s an ancient prophecy . . . but in the light of what’s happening within easy reach of the site of that reputed ‘last battle’, it may not be so far-fetched as many have assumed.



  1. Clint Eastwood had it right. He's an empty chair. He's so far out of his depth he's got falling whale turds redecorating his ceiling. I think he's in deep denial, and has a bubble-like cocoon so thick around his narcissism that I think he's honestly confused at the various turns of events on the world stage. He believes his own BS, and can't understand why we don't.

  2. Wouldn't it be better if he stayed on the golf course rather than play president some more? Think before you wish that he does his job.

  3. He's totally disconnected… Problem is, he's paralyzed the entire government (other than the IRS, DHS and EPA) so nothing will be done to actually help/protect those folks in need…

  4. It is coming together. The USA has to be one the sidelines. If they start to build the temple and reprise Babylon we are toast.

  5. Hey Peter,

    Of course they ain't saying nothing. they have been carrying his water since 2008 and they are emotionally invested in him and the old school media never admits that they made a mistake. They would rather drag their parts through broken glass than say that they were wrong. Hubris is a powerful thing.

  6. He's damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't. Considering his accomplishments in the "did" pile, I can live with him not doing anything else.


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