1. Yup.
    Two complicating factors with fitted sheets:
    1. They're not clearly marked as to which is the long edge. There's typically a nearly-invisible tag inside one corner, but determining which way it fits on the mattress is trial-and-error.
    2. The new ones, these past few years, shrink when washed in hot water. Or maybe they shrink in the dryer. Whichever it is, they get too small for the mattress long before they actually wear out. Back in the Good Old Days, from the time I first learned to do my own laundry to sometime in the Bush administration, washing sheets in hot water was fine.
    I can generally brute-force the sheet onto the mattress for quite some time after it reaches the "too small" stage, and the cats help the sheet reach the end of its life before it becomes entirely impossible to install.
    Oh, and my sofabed came with a special mattress with a special sheet set, supplied already-too-small. A shrunken sheet from the regular bed is just about right for the sofabed, though.

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