Beware of “woke” charities, and don’t support them


Fellow blogger Eaton Rapids Joe mentioned a decision reached by his family.

It is with a heavy-heart that the ERJ family will stop donating to the Catholic Relief Services. Over the last fifteen years we contributed half of our “discretionary” tithe to them…perhaps $600 a year.

A nagging question had popped into my head “Who is funding the ‘refugees/migrants’ as they traveled from their home-countries to our southern border?”

It took just a few minutes to determine that the Catholic Relief Services has been complicit in flooding our cities and towns with economic refugees who have minimal intentions of assimilating.

. . .

If you follow-the-money, it becomes apparent that the CRS mutated into an organization that whitewashes  the actions of the Deep State. It is about as “Catholic” as a coin-laundromat.

There’s more at the link.

Joe is quite right.  CRS has been a left-leaning organization for decades, and during the 21st century (so far) has become just another politically correct, progressive-left shill.  The causes it supports are seldom those of the truly needy, but are increasingly those sucking in funds from everywhere they can to build support for a “woke” society.

The same, unfortunately, has happened to a great many organizations.  The Red Cross is now as “converged” as they come, so much so that I’ve diverted all my contributions to relief efforts to the Salvation Army, which has never lost sight of its founding purpose.  It’s happened to the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides as well (to whom I will no longer contribute in any way – I’m much more likely to fund any organization dedicating itself to destroying both of them!).  It’s happened to many allegedly “conservative” political organizations, who turn out to be shills for the Uniparty rather than conservatism, and want to line their pockets with our hard-earned money for their own benefit rather than America’s.  It’s happened to many formerly worthy causes that have been subverted and co-opted to serve a very different cause and purpose to what their founders intended.

Take a long, hard, very careful look at organizations that appeal for your support, whether they be political, social, economic or cultural in orientation.  Upon deeper examination, most aren’t worth anything to those of us with more “traditional” standards and values.  We can find better, more appropriate ways to spend our charity dollars.



  1. CRS was deeply involved with the refugee scam going back at least as far as the Marielito Invasion (Cuban Refugee Assistance Program-C.R.A.P.)
    back inn 1980. I know I was one of the Border Patrol Agents who worked that invasion.

  2. I stopped trusting most any charity once I found out the truth about UNICEF.

    And since losing faith in the Catholic Church back in the late 90's, I haven't trusted anything associated with Corporate Catholic anything.

    So this doesn't surprise me at all. Sadly.

  3. Salvation Army and St. Jude for us. Too many scamsters out there nowdays and I don't wasnt to spend the time to validate them.

  4. In the evangelicals the one I trust is Samaritan's Purse. 85% of donations to the missions (though I'd prefer to see 90% +) Franklin Graham's open political positions (supporting Orange Man in particular) put some people off, However, I think Babylon Bee had it right we're just voting for the folks least likely to make our religion illegal. Heck I think some of the left would like to return to Nero's persecutions of Christians…

    1. "Some"? They may not be open about it, but I'd optimistically place it at over 60% feel that way. And most of the rest just haven't quite hit "throw them to lions" but are fine with "prevent them from working, making any purchases, and ruin their lives".

  5. Catholic Charities is a big trafficker too. They are running people to resettlement camps, or were before covid.


  6. The United Way is the biggest scam by far as far as I'm concerned since they are bundler who skims off the top before distributing some of what they receive to your designated charity. I almost came to blows with my manager at an aerospace company, we were actively pressured to donate via UW, including incentives for groups that hit 100% participation.

    Now I donate directly to the local arts charities who's missions I support.

  7. CRS is actually a CONTRACTOR the federal government uses to "resettle" "refugees…" I wouldn't donate to that outfit if it was the last charity on Earth. …And I'm Catholic! Beware the Catholic Church at all levels when it comes to illegal immigration. Our diocese was actually robbing the collection plate at our church to fund the transportation of illegal aliens to wherever they wanted to go. I stopped putting money in that plate. The church's obvious pandering to the Mexicans eventually led me to stop going to church altogether… And I was the choir director!

  8. I haven't given money for years. I still give blood but on my terms. Once the head mutt of Combined Federal Campaigns, I found, as most of the above did, that most charities are complete scams. United Way San Diego was 'compensating' their director to the tune of $2 million/year. We rapidly lost any desire to donate cash.

  9. @Rick T: "The United Way is the biggest scam by far as far as I'm concerned since they are bundler who skims off the top before distributing some of what they receive to your designated charity. I almost came to blows with my manager at an aerospace company, we were actively pressured to donate via UW, including incentives for groups that hit 100% participation."

    I've been at companies where the pressure was incredible. In one instance I was the ONLY person who didn't sign up, and while it was never stated I am 100% sure my intransigence was held against me in a performance review.

    I donate to US and Israeli charities. In the US, I also give to Salvation Army and Samaritan's purse, as well as 501c3 orgs in general like Judicial Watch and Hillsdale College. And the kids charity box is full, so it needs to go to a local food bank.

    My two favorite Israeli charities, for the record, are and

  10. One other thing: I used to donate to the ADL. No longer. And I am eternally pissed at my fellow Tribe members for – in vast majority 🙁 – supporting replacement migration.

  11. Exactly like "Meals Ready To Eat", Catholic Relief Services is three lies for the price of one. They are none of those things individually, and a cancer and pox on humanity collectively.

    At some point, when someone realizes what they've been up to, they become a legitimate actionable target – in every sense of that word – and no one will shed any tears when they start collecting payback in kind for the terror and chaos they've wrought.

    The list of bona fide charities that actually do what they promise has shrunken to a bare handful. I stopped playing with the incompetent idiots at the Red Cross once it became largely a dodge to employ those incompetents -who couldn't qualify for a job bagging groceries in the commercial hiring pool – to misdirect and misappropriate vast sums of good faith money, and vast armies of volunteers altogether more honest and capable than the officially hired @$$clowns nominally running the show.

    When the clowns and monkeys run the circus, get out, and stop buying tickets.

    Orwell warned us: Pigs are for ham and bacon; not for running the Animal Farm.

  12. @NITZAKHON: My manager suggested a bait-and-switch response to keep me from going to HR with a formal harassment complaint:

    1- Sign up for the minimum per-period contribution so they got their checkmark
    2- Contribute for one pay period
    3- Go to payroll and cancel the withholding effective immediately.

    Back then the minimum was $12/year and we were paid weekly so 25 cents per check.

    Management got their high participation rate and the UW got a few cents.

  13. For conservative Catholics, the Thomas Moore Society is a safe place. I tend to donate to individual causes, today I sent Project Veritas some cash.
    Had a girl friend that worked for Salvation Army a few years ago and the way they treat their employees convinced me to stop donating to them.
    All organizations seem to drift left as they age, if they have been around for a while, they probably support things I would find abhorrent.

  14. I stopped giving blood through the Red Cross a few years ago after one too many senseless denials.
    They purposely keep the blood supply tight with ever changing and unpublicized restrictions on who can donate when… It looks to me like they WANT shortages, so I decided to check oof their game.
    The only nonlocal group I give to is the Jesus Film Project to support a friend – and my gifts go ONLY to him

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