Bollywood gets weirder!


Reader Nate W. sends in this trailer for a new Bollywood movie.  It’s your typical terrorist/cop/tech thriller, but with a twist.

A terrorism thriller with Pooh Bear – or a reasonable facsimile thereof?  Definitely weird!

However, I can’t help wondering whether it’s also a subtle dig by the Indian film industry at Premier Xi Jinping of China.  He’s (in)famously annoyed at being mocked with a Winnie the Pooh meme in China for many years – so much so that it’s heavily censored there.  Any appearance of a Pooh Bear image on Chinese social media will be banned instanter, and the person posting it will be “counseled” not to do it again.  Without seeing the movie, it’s hard to say, but I wonder whether the bear’s big-screen antics are meant to reflect the long-standing animosity between India and China?

At any rate, it’s a new twist on a tired old genre.  We’ll have to see whether it works once the movie’s available.



  1. No WE won't… Bollywood is already too weird for me so no one in my household will be watching that mess.

  2. It has the mark of the HellBeast. Disney. Which isn't Walt's Disney any more.

    I try not to watch any modern Disney movie. They've all been touched. Star Wars, Marvel, and now Bollwood.

    The evil expands.

    Still looks like a fun movie.

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