Bollywood gets weirder!

  Reader Nate W. sends in this trailer for a new Bollywood movie.  It’s your typical terrorist/cop/tech thriller, but with a twist. A terrorism thriller with Pooh Bear – or a reasonable facsimile thereof?  Definitely weird! However, I can’t help wondering whether it’s also a subtle dig by the Indian film industry at Premier Xi… Continue reading Bollywood gets weirder!

More Bollywood over-the-top fight action

(A quick note:  it’s been pointed out that the clips I’ve shown in this latest series, at least so far, are from Telegu-language movies, which are known as “Tollywood” in India, rather than “Bollywood“, which is technically a reference to Hindu-language films.  However, here in the West, “Bollywood” has become a catch-all description for all… Continue reading More Bollywood over-the-top fight action

Religious persuasion, Bollywood style

Next in our current series of Bollywood fight scenes, here’s one from the movie Duvvada Jagannadham, commonly abbreviated as DJ.  The hero is a policeman who works undercover, disguised as a Brahmin priest, to fight crime.  He also has some rather unconventional fighting skills.  The action begins about 2 minutes into this segment. Hmm .… Continue reading Religious persuasion, Bollywood style

Let’s have some more Bollywood fight scenes

Every now and again, I enjoy laughing at some of Bollywood‘s more over-the-top fight scenes.  I have to admit, they’re getting better:  some of their more recent offerings approach the best Hollywood’s been able to produce in terms of technique, special effects and camera angles.  Nevertheless, there are still some howlers out there, utterly impossible… Continue reading Let’s have some more Bollywood fight scenes

Bollywood meets car chases, #6

To close out our week of Bollywood car chases, here’s a short clip from the 2011 movie “Singham“.  It’s not so much a car chase as a car interception.  Acrobatic?  Yes.  Impossible?  Heck, yes! The entire movie is so over-the-top it’s ridiculous.  As a bonus for your weekend viewing pleasure, here’s the big fight scene. … Continue reading Bollywood meets car chases, #6

Bollywood meets car chases, #5

This scene from the 2009 comedy movie “All The Best: Fun Begins” isn’t a car chase, but a car race.  Nevertheless, the improbable stunts and impossible accidents make it a fun ride, and worthy of inclusion in this series about how Bollywood can go over the top with almost anything.  Enjoy! Love the car standing… Continue reading Bollywood meets car chases, #5

Bollywood meets car chases, #2

I hope yesterday’s instalment whetted your appetite for more of how Bollywood treats car chases. Today, we see a car chase from the 1978 film Don.  The vehicles in this movie were typical of what was on Indian roads at the time:  early post-war British cars that had continued in production in the sub-continent, despite… Continue reading Bollywood meets car chases, #2

Bollywood meets car chases, #1

Last week I posted a video of a rather strange car chase, from a very B-grade movie from the mid-1970’s.  Thinking about weird car chases, I suddenly thought about Bollywood.  I’ve posted several Indian cinematic fight scenes here that were so over-the-top, they were actually funny.  I wondered . . . has Bollywood done the… Continue reading Bollywood meets car chases, #1