Book plans – an update

As most of you probably know, I’ve been working on a print edition of ‘Take The Star Road‘.  It was delayed for a few days by computer problems, but I hope to receive the proof copy of the book from CreateSpace by the end of this week.  If it’s acceptable, it’ll be released for sale next week.

Book 2 of the Maxwell Saga, ‘Ride The Rising Tide‘, is still on track for release in mid-July.  The print edition may be delayed a week or two, but the e-book should be out on July 15th.  I hope to release both of them simultaneously, if I can get all my ducks in a row by then.  Unfortunately, when one’s doing everything oneself – writing, editing, changing, formatting, cover image selection, working with Oleg to finalize the cover, go through Amazon’s Kindle and CreateSpace procedures to upload everything and prepare the final editions, and all that – it’s pretty time-consuming.  I’ll do my best.

Probably in mid-September, I’ll be releasing a non-fiction book about my experience of prison chaplaincy.  I wrote it some years ago, and left it on the back burner until I felt confident enough in my writing to upgrade it and release it for publication.  The time has now come, I think, so I’m busy revising it.  Very few people today understand what really goes on behind the walls of a high-security penitentiary.  They get their information from Hollywood (The Longest Yard, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) or television (Oz, Prison Break), none of which are particularly authentic or realistic.  I think there’s room for an accurate, unvarnished, factual presentation of life behind bars, and what it means to try to help those who find themselves incarcerated there.  I’m going to do my best to provide it.

While all these other projects are on the go, I’m trying to devote time to Book 3 of the Maxwell Saga, which is so far unnamed.  I hope to have it ready for publication by November 15th, but that may slip into early December, with everything else I’ve got on my plate.

So, if all goes well and I don’t collapse, by Christmas I hope to have three novels and a non-fiction memoir available for sale.  I hope you enjoy them!



  1. two comments.

    My first real car was a 1964 Olds Starfire. That sounds like a cool title…. The Starfire of STX….

    Second, I would like to read about your exploits in the African continent. Your military service as well as your Christian service during the transition from apartheid… I've always been interested in Africa. Capstick and others have stoked that. But the day to day isn't covered much. Perhaps you can point me to books about that time period that ring true.

    And thanks for continuing the blog while you are finishing this Jovian task!!

  2. Fantastic! I'd add that like STxRynn, I'd be very interested in a story of your life in Africa, if you're willing to share it. I hope you're planning to continue releasing electronic versions, though – I'd happily pay more for the convenience of instant free delivery!

    Congratulations, sir, on the start of what looks like a promising paid writing career!

  3. I don't think I'll be writing about my life in Africa. Too many dead friends, too much bloodshed, too many painful memories.

  4. More than reasonable. Thanks, again, for the experiences you can share, and for your thoroughly entertaining fiction!

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