1. that's a good example of why they think we're dangerous radicals. You shouldn't post that shit if you want to keep your rights.


  2. I hope they have access to some powerful magnets for the cleanup, or the farmer of that field is going to be cussing them for years. Implement tires are not cheap.

  3. I previously lived on a small hobby farm were a neighboring farms owner had recently passed away. The surviving daughter, her husband and assorted friends decided to have a shoot and blow stuff up play day. They proceeded to shoot up a perfectly good used car worth about $5k, an antique wringer washer worth several hundred dollars, furniture and other appliances. It went on all day, then they left the mess behind in a field which was in a flood plain to a nearby creek. I've often wondered how much the subsequent HAZMAT clean up and court costs were for all of that fun.

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