Doofus Of The Day #880

The Telegraph reports:

While driving through Drumquin, Northern Ireland, this man pulled over after seeing two men attempt to roll a large, orange sofa down a street using a narrow dolly.

Both appear to have had one too many, and their teamwork soon disintegrates into an uncensored parody of ChuckleVision.

What ensues is a drunken struggle of epic proportions that results in a ridiculous amount of swearing.

No kidding!  Language alert for the more sensitive among us.

Perhaps I should establish a special “Drunken Doofus Award” category . . .



  1. This has everything a half way decent comedy writer could want.
    Two 'very socially excited' males moving a piece of furniture, in the wet, on a downhill road.
    An on ramp and a bus stop coming up on the left, the road has another downward dip ahead as it leads into the village, but wait, there's more.
    Are they doing this for themselves, a friend, or as the 'cheapest tenderer contract in town'?.
    Further, is the delivery address on the ground floor, upstairs, or possibly a basement.
    Finally, could either an interpreter or subtitles be supplied with the finished product, it would be nice.

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