‘Brings The Lightning’ is now available in a hardcover print edition

All my books so far have been available in e-book and paperback editions.  Thanks to Castalia House, who published my most recent book, I’m very glad to announce the availability of ‘Brings The Lightning’ in a hardcover edition.  Here’s the front and back covers.

The e-book remains available at the previous link.  Amazon.com will link the two editions at a single URL over the next couple of days, so that both (and, in a very short while, the paperback edition) can be accessed from a single page.  I’ll post here when they do that, to let you know.

I think Castalia did a great job on the cover for this book.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with for future volumes.  I’m also very pleased to be their first author to be published simultaneously in hardcover and paperback editions.

Thank you all, readers, for your support of my new novel.  Neither Castalia nor I knew what to expect in the way of sales, what with Westerns being a moribund genre and this being my first venture into it.  The book’s sold better than we expected, and sales are still strong even after almost a month on the market.  Its reviews are the most positive of anything I’ve published so far.  This bodes very well for the series into which I hope this will develop.



  1. Wow – 53 reviews.

    I understand after 60 reviews it helps your Anazon position a lot, which will lead to increased sales!

  2. Conventional wisdom says a moribund genre.
    Based on the popularity of older works and the success of yours I'd have to say it's more of an underserved market. Can't wait for the nest one.

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