“Brings The Lightning” is now available in audio format

I’m very happy to report that “Brings The Lightning”, my first Western novel, is now available in audiobook format.

That means it’s now available in four formats:  e-book, hardcover, softcover, and audiobook.  It’s the first of my books to go the audio route, and hopefully it won’t be the last:  I’m already talking with Castalia House about offering audiobook versions of all my novels.  I hope more of them will become available over the next year or two.

There’s a surprising amount of work that goes into an audiobook.  It’s not just taking the text, finding someone to read it, and “Hey presto!”.  The quality of the recording has to be top-notch;  no background noises like traffic passing, toilets flushing, or kids demanding that Mom or Dad stop what they’re doing and attend to their needs, at once if not sooner.  There’s also the question of matching the voice to the book.  It just wouldn’t work to have a Western read by someone sounding like a graduate of Oxford University, or born within the sound of Bow Bells, or educated in Grittystan or some other god-forsaken wilderness.  One has to select a voice that will complement the setting, tone and structure of the book if it’s to work.  I think Castalia chose very well when they selected my narrator, Bob Allen.  (You can see more books narrated by him at this link.)

You can hear a brief sample of the audiobook edition at the link;  just click the link below the cover image.  I hope you enjoy it.  The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise (as they still say in the West, and elsewhere), Volume 2 of the Ames Archives will be out next year!



  1. Congrats! I've been hoping to see your work come out in audio format. I read much faster that I listen so it makes the books last longer. I enjoy listening to a book I've already read when I doing other this so if I miss a few line I still know where the story is at.

    Hope this puts more than a few pennies in your wallet as well.

  2. Very good idea. I hope your future books also come out on Audible. It's my preferred format so I can listen to them on my commute.

  3. Any chance of a hardcover release of the Maxwell saga? Or at least a softcover re-release that has all the books the same size and text in the same places? Try lining them up on a shelf without cringing!

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