Bubble wrap as decor?

Miss D. and I bought and used an outsize roll of bubble wrap to protect our more sensitive belongings during our move to Texas last month.  While unwrapping them, I found out something about bubble wrap that I didn’t know before.

Bubble wrap is so much more than a protective cushion in packing boxes. The irresistible popping plastic has inspired questionable fashion choices, spawned numerous fan pages and even has its own day of appreciation (every last Monday of January).

But bubble wrap’s original purpose was far different from what it’s used for today.

Engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes stumbled upon the product in 1957 when trying to create a textured wallpaper. The duo initially sealed two shower curtains together in a way where air bubbles were trapped in between, giving the material a textured appearance.

Their home decor innovation never did catch on. Perhaps, fortunately so or we would never be able to leave our houses until we’ve popped every bubble on the wall.

There’s more at the link.

The thought of popping the wallpaper is amusing, to say the least!  There’s also the two-wheeled version, courtesy of comedian Eric Buss.

And then there’s Mythbusters‘ take on the product.

Dare I say, “Finger-poppin’ good!”?



  1. I keep bumping my right leg, causing a return of cellulitis, and requiring antibiotics. The other day, the nurse suggested that I bubble-wrap that leg. Maybe I should! lol

  2. One of the secretaries told me, as I was idly popping a sheet of bubble wrap, that she preferred to roll around on the floor with it.
    My eyes popped (see what I did there?) and I said, Ooooh.
    She gave me the stink eye and added, "With. My. Chair!"

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