Busy day at the NRA Annual Meeting

Miss D. and I had an interesting morning at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville.  We met up with some fellow bloggers in the Media Room, where all of us had to pick up our credentials, then it was off to the exhibition hall.  It was filled to the rafters with companies selling firearms and related gear.  The gun-banners would have had conniption fits to see all the evil black rifles there . . . I reckon AR-15 rifles in all their variants probably outnumbered all other rifle types put together.  Everyone and his brother seems to be making them these days, from $500 plinkers to $3,000 specialty rifles for paramilitary operations.  Didn’t bother me.  I got mine a while back.  Don’t need more.

I had the opportunity to talk with the owner of Kahr Arms, Mr. Justin Moon, about some concerns I had.  He was very generous with his time, discussing technical details about his guns with obvious knowledge of the field.  I appreciated his input, and I’ll be following up on some points we discussed.  I may have some interesting reviews to put up later.

The exhibition hall was pretty crowded today, and that’s with only the early arrivals for the meeting.  Tomorrow, when all 70,000 attendees are expected and/or will be off work for the weekend, promises to be a pedestrian nightmare, despite the size of the facilities.  I suspect I’m going to beg off walking around tomorrow.

This evening about a dozen bloggers got together for a meal at a local restaurant.  It was very crowded and uncomfortably noisy (my ears were ringing for half an hour after getting out of the venue), but a good time was had by all.  We’re going to do it again tomorrow night.

Yours truly is a tired puppy now.  I’m heading for bed.  Talk with y’all tomorrow.



  1. Peter, consider using some earplugs at your next restaurant meeting. Look for the EarPro (Surefire) booth, and check out the EP3 Sonic Defenders type.

    You might think about using an electric mobility cart, to deal with the heavy foot traffic at the show.

  2. Sorry I missed you, Peter. I was looking for you Fri and Sat but had no way to contact you to arrange a brief meeting.

    Very busy event, and worth every minute.

    +1 on Will's comment on the Sonic Defenders. I carried a pair and used them in restaurants.

  3. I have always wondered why the people who say that firearms cause violence don't point to the NRA gun show, where thousands of people are confined in a room with millions of firearms, 10s of millions of accessories and 100s of millions of rounds of ammunition. The carnage must have been HUGE – what was the body count of gun shot victims there ?

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