Calling Steyr Scout Rifle owners

(EDITED TO ADD:  The accessories are sold pending funds.)

I’m trying to raise money for another firearm for a disabled student.  I have in my hot little hands collection the following accessories for a .308 Win. Steyr Scout Rifle, all factory-new and unused, still in their original wrapping.  I’m selling them to raise money for the firearm.

  1. Three 5-round magazines;
  2. Three 10-round magazines;
  3. A 10-round magazine adapter kit, with all screws, etc. required for installation;
  4. A black leather Steyr-supplied Ching Sling for the Scout Rifle, manufactured by Turner Saddlery in Alabama.

Price for all of the above will be $350 or best cash offer.  I’ll cover shipping via USPS.

Alternatively, I’ll swap the entire package for a Ruger SR22 or S&W M&P22 Compact pistol, which I’ll pass on to my student.  I’ll also consider a Ruger 10/22 rifle for student use, plus cash if it’s a basic model without enhancements.  A face-to-face deal in or near Nashville is preferable to save costs;  if the firearm comes from outside Tennessee, we’ll have to follow all legal formalities and requirements, of course.

If you’re interested, send me an e-mail (my address is in my blog profile – click my name under ‘About Me & Contact Info’ in the sidebar) and we’ll discuss.  If you don’t own a Steyr Scout Rifle, but know others who do, please send them the link to this blog post in case they’re interested.

Many thanks.


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