Catching up

I went to the car wash first thing this morning, to have a couple of thousand miles’ worth of bugs and dust cleaned off our rental car before returning it.  (Yes, I know the rental company will clean it themselves if necessary, but it really was spectacularly insect-encrusted around the nose.  I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t object to renting us another car for the next trip!)  The local car wash employs homeless people, offering them a chance to earn a living, so Miss D. and I try to support them whenever possible.  Their faces when they saw their first car of the day were priceless!  At any rate, I was able to hand in a car that at least looked to be in good shape.

Now we’ve got to catch up on all that happened while we were away.  There’s mail to collect, shopping to be done (the cat’s annoyed because we aren’t able to give her any milk until we’ve bought some), and messages to be listened to and acted upon.  That’ll keep us busy for most of the weekend.  I’ve got to get over a light dose of travel crud (I’m running a mild fever), then buckle down to finish of Maxwell Volume 5.  I want to publish it by the end of November, if possible.

I’ll put up more blog articles during the day.  Thanks for being patient while we were away.  Normal service will pick up again soon.



  1. You're a good man, Peter. I've not run into many people who will clean a rental car before turning it in. I've done it when the car got unusually filthy – more than the usual result of a week driving around.

  2. We scrubbed down the rental we ordered to go househunting in Texas. It was either that or pay a land-use fee for taking that much topsoil out of the county.

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