Could mass migration lead to war in Europe?

We’ve discussed the so-called ‘refugee’ crisis in Europe on several occasions.  I argue that most of those involved aren’t ‘refugees’ at all – they’re economic migrants, overwhelming ‘normal’ migration routes and procedures by sheer weight of numbers and desperation for a better life.

Max Hastings argues that this influx might lead to war in Europe.  Here’s an excerpt.

… the earthquakes shaking the Middle East, together with the scale of economic migration from Africa, could undo all our comfortable assumptions about the stability of the society in which we live, including our confidence that Europe has turned its back on war for ever.

. . .

The threat posed by mass population movement is huge and intractable … Tens of millions of people in Africa … aspire to move to Europe in search of a better life, and huge numbers are already crossing the Mediterranean via Libya, Algeria and Tunisia.

The entire Middle East is in a ferment, and it is impossible to see any reason why peace should be restored any time soon.

. . .

We should recognise that the old state borders of most of the embattled countries, notably including Iraq and Libya, are almost certainly defunct. They will fragment into statelets dominated by the local tribe or warlord.

Moreover, it is hard to see any course of action that can stem the flow of migrants to the West, the foremost concern for most of the people who inhabit our continent. Only a proportion of the incomers are fleeing from the immediate consequences of violence. A far larger number, according to every survey conducted in Europe, come from places where there is no war. They simply seek better lives.

The physical difficulties of preventing them from coming are immense … The people on these odysseys are driven by motivations and passions more intense than most of us can imagine. They see our societies offering a wealth and security unimaginable in their homelands. They embrace the most desperate dangers to reach our shores.

At present, the governments of Europe have no credible and coherent policies for checking or halting the flood, beyond creating some frail fences on the Eastern margins.

Mass migration now poses the gravest threat to Europe’s stability and tranquillity since the end of the Cold War, and arguably since 1945.

Unless it is checked, over the coming decades it promises to change the character and make-up of all our societies on a scale to make past immigration seem trivial.

. . .

We are witnessing the beginning — and it is only the beginning — of a game-changing shift of populations, which if it continues unchecked will over the next half-century change all our societies for ever.

Maybe our children’s generation will be content to live with such a transformation. Maybe we can avoid the wars my friend in Washington fears. But our politicians should at least be telling the nation just how profound the coming upheaval threatens to be.

There’s more at the link.

As if to echo Mr. Hastings’ concerns comes news that the ‘Latest Survey Finds 25% of French Teenagers Are Muslims‘.  Ethnic French citizens have already become minorities in some suburbs and areas of their own country – and the newcomers are violently resisting and protesting against assimilation into French society and culture.  Instead, they’re demanding to be allowed to live according to the norms of the societies and cultures from which they come.  The same is evident in Sweden.

Vox Day points out the obvious.

Civilization is not land or buildings. It is not technology or infrastructure. It is people. The Greeks understood this. The Romans understood this. Import enough uncivilized people, allow enough barbarians entry, and your society will become uncivilized.

This doesn’t mean civilization is dying, as some would have it. Such barbarization is not merely reversible, it is easily reversed. It merely requires changing the authorities that presently rule the West, which will happen. The only question is when.

And in another article:

The amount of blood that is going to be on the hands of the multiculturalists is going to be absolutely astonishing. The anti-fascists and multiculturalists and diversity advocates are creating more Nazis around the world than Hitler ever did.

And no amount of name-calling is going to dissuade them. If the deportations do not begin soon, the death camps will become inevitable. That’s how it works. That is how it has always worked, going back to Assyria, Carthage, and Rome.

I’m here to tell you, Vox is absolutely right.  I’ve seen it at first hand in Africa, where the cognoscenti gravely called it ‘tribal conflict’.  Well, that’s precisely what we’re seeing in Europe right now.  We no longer speak of ‘tribes’ there, but of ‘nations’ and ‘peoples’ and ‘cultures’ – but they’re tribes all right.  The French are, basically, descendants of the Franks;  the Germans of the Huns and Goths and Vandals;  the Italians of the Romans, Etruscans, Samnites, Carthaginians, etc.  Those ancient tribal rivalries might be long forgotten by today’s people, but they’re still simmering under the surface.  Watch a soccer match between teams from those nations, and see how the fans behave towards each other.  It’s pretty convincing.

The various tribes of the Islamic and African worlds are running head-on into Europe’s domestic tribes.  The outcome is almost certain to be bloody.  We’ll see who wins.



  1. Slightly off-topic, but… Matt Bracken commented recently.

    He sees hundreds of boats bringing illegal immigrants to Greece, Macedonia, etc. Each boat costs maybe 15,000 dollars, and they are abandoned upon reaching shore. Each person in them has on a life vest that costs maybe 100 dollars, and these are also abandoned.

    WHO is buying these boats and lifejackets?

  2. Vox Day refers to our own illegal immigrants as the largest invasion in history. THIS is what is driving the popularity of Trump.

  3. Do you remember when USA soccer team played Mexican team in L.A., US team was booed in its own country.

  4. Yes.
    It either leads to war, or the end of Europe as we have known it. Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen.

  5. I just came across an article from 1907 on the transformation of Europe at the start of the 20th century. The author discussed the youthfulness and the rise of the Teutonic, Slav and Latin peoples as the empires and kingdoms rose and fell. All quite optimistic, if you suppress the knowledge of what happened less than a decade later or 30 years later.

    Europe in Transformation
    Author(s): Archibald R. Colquhoun
    Source: The North American Review, Vol. 186, No. 624 (Nov., 1907), pp. 349-359 Published by: University of Northern Iowa
    Stable URL:

    "Here, then, is Europe, at the beginning of the twentieth cen tunr, full of life and vitality, seething with change, questioning everywhere as to the why and wherefore of things, instead of?as is the way of old age?accepting what seems to be inevitable. That perennial youthfulness in European blood which has given us, in the last half-century, a new Germany, a new Italy, Servia, Bulgaria, Roumania, and a new" Norway and Sweden, will give us a new Russia. The age-long struggles, intellectual as well as political, will continue to be waged with renewed vigor, to the stimulation of endeavor and the generation of fresh ideas. New nations and new aspirations have been, and still are, fighting their way up and modifying the conditions of life even among the ruins of so many empires and societies.

    "No ! Europe is not decadent, with so much young blood cours ing in her veins. She is transforming herself afresh, and her future history will be as full of thrilling pages as her past."

    All and all a lesson to be circumspect of predictions regarding Europe. And also, for Vox to go back further than the Nazis.

  6. The last Moslem invasion of Europe ended at the Gates of Vienna. It took a lot of blood to do it. It took even longer to expell them, especially in Spain. But dispite the attempted suppression of the western governments, the people themselves will not accept the contempt of the invading "Rape-ugees" for very long and allow these politicians to retain power, even with the anti-Nazi attitudes that's been pounded into the Germans since '44. We know it won't take very long to dust off the Jackboots, or the Europeans join in a suicide pact. I don't see human nature going that way, do you?

  7. “Our Country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!”
    – Lt. Gen. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, USMC

    I think this is very much the situation currently playing out in Europe, the "foreign soldiery" is simply incognito, at least for now.


  8. Diversity+Proximity=War. Always. It's as sure as night follows day. It's going to be a very long night for Europe and probably an even longer one for the remnants of what was the United States Of America. Have children, teach them yourself and keep them safe from the forces which want to indoctrinate and destroy them.

  9. Here in Spain there is a strange acceptance of the refugee situation formed perhaps by the relatively recent memories of the civil war and subsequent emigration to Germany UK and South America. The surveys show the majority in favor and against the decision to re-export the economic refugees to Turkey.

  10. Hmm, what happened to regular commenter Hansjörg from Germany? All of a sudden he's very quiet. Maybe because it's dawning on him what his mad advocacy of open borders means to his country?

    Writing from Germany myself, I can tell you that by a clear majority, the populace abhors what Merkel and her henchmen are doing. However, the crazy b*tch is hellbent on staying the course — her course, for which she has no electoral mandate.

    As you pointed out, Peter, the majority of "refugees" are simply economic migrants. Only about one-third are from Syria. Let's take a look at places of origin (some of the Syrians are in fact "Syrians"; some of whom will be found out later and others who won't because they will have bribed a government-hired interpreter to testify to the genuineness of their dialect).

    But, taking the official count of Syrians at face value, let's look at the cultures, too, not only the countries of origin.

    #1 Syria (mainly Moslem: civil war ongoing in most of the country, fueled primarily by a proxy war between Saudi and Iran [Sunni and Shia Moslem, respectively] and by rivalry between Emir of Qatar and rich Saudi individuals for violently implemented dominance in Sunni world [Emir of Qatar backs Moslem-Brotherhood affiliated groups, rich Saudis back Islamic State and other salafists])

    #2 Albania and Kosovo (I lump them together b/c they are both ethnic Albanians): overwhelmingly Moslem, no civil war. but don't worry, the incredibly aggressive German NGO Pro Asyl advocates for them anyway: aren't there still blood feuds at home, Ahmed? Think: aren't you fleeing out of fear for your life, rather than going where the grass is greener?

    #3 Afghanistan (overwhelmingly Moslem: civil war ongoing in some of the country, fueled primarily by Pakistan to keep its pesky neighbor down, also just plain orneriness: Afghans love fighting and are generally just plain nuts. Don't believe me? Well what would you call people whose idea of a recreational drug is putting a scorpion in your pipe and smoking it.

    #4 Iraq (overwhelmingly Moslem: civil war ongoing in some of the country, fueled primarily by Sunni-Shia mutual hatred

    #5 Serbia. Are these orthodox Christian Serbs fleeing persecution at home? LOL no, they are gypsies (or Roma if you want to be more precise). Gypsies are the most dysfunctional culture in Europe and possibly on Earth. They have been Europeans for many centuries and are our burden to bear. All attempts to make them integrate into society have largely failed and probably will fail until the earth stops turning. I can understand Slovakians saying they cannot accept even a single Moslem b/c they have their hands full with the gypsies already.

    #6 Eritrea. Male Eritreans are drafted into military service, which from what I hear is long, arduous, dangerous and just plain sucks. Supposedly about half and half of Eritrean asylum-seekers are Moslem and Christian. Why are so many of them being accepted for asylum by the Germans? Why do they go home once a year on hóliday if they are being persecuted there?

    (continued in next comment)

  11. (continued from part 1)

    #7 Macedonia. Moslems and gypsies. Slav Christians are staying home and working.

    #8 Pakistan, overwhelmingly Moslem. No civil war but armed insurrection in some parts, the government alternately battles insurgents and funds them, especially terrorists targeting India. Probably hosts the largest and most experienced people-smuggling networks in the world.

    #9 (not listed in your stats): Maghreb states (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya). The sexual predators in Cologne on New Year's Eve primarily came from there. According to news reports, their criminal proclivities in the aggregate dwarf everyone else's. Overwhelmingly Moslem.

    #10 et seq. "Russians", i.e. Chechens and other Moslems from Caucaus republics. Legendary fighters. Lots and lots of trouble for places they migrate to. Nigerians: a disproportionately large number of asylum-seekers from there are Moslem, same is true for practically all other African countries of origin.

    Now, let's go to Wikipedia for a list of the world's ten poorest countries. According to 2014 UN stats, these are (by per-capita nominal GDP):

    — Somalia
    — Burundi
    — Malawi
    — Central African Republic
    — Niger
    — The Gambia
    — Madagascar
    — Democratic Republic of the Congo
    — Liberia
    — Guinea

    Somalia: Moslem (also exports many asylum-seekers). Ask people in Minneapolis and Lewiston how they are enjoying their new neighbors.
    Burundi: Christian (mostly Roman Catholic). Poor b/c still recovering from Hutu v. Tutsi civil war.
    Malawi: Mostly Christian, significant Moslem minority. Poor because … well let me tell you something. I've never been to Malawi but I know someone who goes there several times a year. The people may be poor but they manage to get by somehow, if sometimes just barely. Organized violence is rare. They have a somewhat functioning government. I'm told they treat Madonna (got herself an adopted Malawian kid) like an ordinary person instead of giving her the VIP treatment she demanded, so that has to count in their favor.
    Central African Republic: mostly Christian.
    I'm running out of time to research the other poorest countries but notice how they don't figure among the people gate-crashing Europe's borders. That takes care of the bleeding-heart argument that we are taking in the world's neediest on "humanitarian" grounds.

    No, the people coming here are not the poorest of the poor. Obviously, they are each investing thousands of dollars to improve their personal circumstances. In every case, those who in fact are fleeing war-torn areas, are from Moslem or Moslem-dominated countries. Why are, say, Malawian Christians not coming here with some made-up story? Well, maybe, it's a matter of pride (or modesty)? Maybe they would feel ashamed imposing on strangers with no ties to them?

    The people who do come here appear to share one characteristic. A volunteer working with refugees in Berlin, quoted in a recent article by Henryk M. Broder in German newspaper Die Welt, says it in a nutshell: they feel we owe them thanks for accepting "our" invitation.

  12. Another point, Peter, if I may. You write "the outcome is almost certain to be bloody". Well, in this confrontation between the Islamic and the Euro world, look at three key parameters:

    (1) Numbers

    (2) Will

    (3) Technology

    With a birth rate of 1.4 children per woman in Germany and 4 or 5 in much of the Arab world, the difference is stark. Simply put, the Arabs have lots and lots of second, third, and fourth sons to waste. Euros have one son, or none; they are not eager to see their sons go to war.

    Two entire generations of Euros have been indoctrinated that "violence never solves anything". Many are incapable of snapping out of that indoctrination, in fact, they will fiercely attack anyone who threatens it.

    As of now, Euros still are superior in military technology which ensures them superior firepower — if they were willing to use it. But they are mentally unprepared to do so, and among the millions of Moslems now streaming into Europe are many who will join the armed forces of Euro countries and receive firearms training.

    Sorry, but this is a rerun of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Visit the nice spots of Europe now. Twenty years from now, many of them will be destroyed or they will have been turned into mosques.

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