Courage, good tactics and gun-handling save a motorist

Courtesy of FerFAL, we find this video of an off-duty Argentinian policeman who was attacked by three armed muggers as he pulled his car into his garage one evening.  Despite being outnumbered by three men carrying firearms, he waited for the right moment, then pulled his own gun and killed two of them, critically injuring the third.

Google Translate renders the Spanish video description as follows:

Two criminals were killed and another was seriously wounded during an attack on a policeman on Thursday night at Isidro Casanova, La Matanza party. The incident occurred around 20.30 on the street Acassuso to 200, in the Barrio San Carlos, where three armed robbers got into the garage of the officer’s house, which was entering the car at his home.

I suggest you mute the music soundtrack, which is completely unnecessary and (IMHO) detracts from the video.  The security camera footage doesn’t have sound, anyway.

Good work by the driver.  This is a situation any of us might face in many larger American cities.  There are lessons to be learned here, particularly when it comes to parking at night.  If you can so arrange your property that muggers like these three can’t sneak up and catch you unawares, so much the better!  If you can’t, take whatever other precautions you can.  It’s better by far never to get into a gunfight than to be forced to engage in one.  At such close range, survival is often the luck of the draw (literally).



  1. Hey Peter;

    This is a reminder that the Gremlins can strike and getting you just when you are home and your mental defenses are low, showed good props to the Policeman.

    there is another video running around that also shows a garage ambush and the same results.

  2. There's a fascinating channel on Youtube called "Active Self Protection" where he analyzes tons and tons of these videos, most from South America.

  3. They cut off their only avenue of escape, then ran to the corner like rats. I always wondered if stiff arming the adversary's shooting arm would work. And this time it did.

    Very instructive. Thank you for posting this.

  4. The most important takeaways – 1) carry your damn gun! 2) if necessary, wait for the right time to act. And 3) when you do act, be decisive and committed!

  5. Good muzzle redirection of the first attackers weapon. Classic case of 'Contact, control, counter'.

  6. Alas, it's a product of the DMCA that so many videos today are cameras pointed at Monitors because they made it so hard to build anything that will digitize video signals any more.

  7. As a video guy … not true at all as analogue video capture hardware is cheaper than ever. It just requires someone to be organised enough to bring the gear along.

    Whilst there has been an entertainment industry 'war' on the "analogue hole", the practical reality is that pointing your phone at the screen gets the job done in terms of being good enough for YouTube.

  8. Good on him, all the way –

    Not that I'm really all that "bloodthirsty", but – if it was me, I'd've been most inclined to kill-off the third one, as well…1)Why take a chance on the miscreant coming back, and either making another – deadlier – try at me later, or (more-likely) trying to take me to court to "collect damages" for "undue/excessive use of force", or some-such; 2)Equally, why leave a surviving scroat who could perhaps attack someone else in future, perhaps more "successfully", and who meanwhile could testify/lie against me in court? Dead scroats tell no nasty lies – and deserve, really, only non-survival anyway…

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