DaddyBear’s latest book is out – and it’s a good one

Tom Rogneby, who blogs as DaddyBear, published a book of tales and narratives last year called ‘Tales of the Minivandians‘.  Now he’s followed that with his first novel, set in the world of ancient Rome.  It’s called ‘Via Serica‘.

Miss D. and I had the privilege of being among Tom’s beta readers for this book, so we’re both familiar with it.  I really enjoyed it, particularly because Tom did his research with great thoroughness.  He’s got the details of Roman arms, armor and military tactics down to a T.  Also, being a military veteran, he’s able to describe the interaction of soldiers in very accurate terms.  I’m sure armies haven’t changed much in all the centuries – no, millennia! – of their existence, and a Roman centurion would understand the work of a US Army senior NCO with no trouble at all.  Best of all, he’s rooted his plot in authentic events of ancient history, making it very believable.

If you’re looking for a good read, an historical novel with authentic and accurate portrayals of military life thrown in, I highly recommend ‘Via Serica‘.  It’s free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, and only $2.99 if you don’t.

Well done, Tom!  When’s the next one coming out?



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